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Land Surveyors on a costruction site

The vision for TerraCalc Land Surveying Inc. was to introduce to the construction community a different type of surveying company. One that still does traditional construction and boundary surveying, but also one that strives to stay on top of the latest technology, pass on the fruits of those advances in technology and make clients more productive because of it.  We only use the latest survey instruments. Experienced field crews, equipped with fully robotic & GPS enabled equipment, provide reliable, precise, measurements and receive updates real time from the office via the web.

Surveyors doing sitework estimates

At TerraCalc Land Surveying Inc., our estimators help quantify the materials necessary to construct underground utilities, concrete flatwork, paving, retaining walls, footings, landscaping, and all site improvement. We use the most advanced construction estimating software.

land surveyors doing terrain models

Terra-Calc Land Surveying Inc. performs precise earthwork calculations for use in construction estimating and ultimately layout grade checking and machine control applications using 3d modeling software. This technology allows us to create truly customized models that can be relied upon just as much as our surveying activities.

TerraCalc Land Surveying Inc., has the following well maintained equipment and software available for use.​
  • 9 Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station

  • 9 Trimble TSC7 Controllers

  • 8 Trimble R12i GPS receivers

  • 2 Trimble R10-2 GPS receivers

  • 9 Trimble DINI digital level

  • 8 fully equipped survey vehicles

  • AGTEK Earthwork 4D

  • Autodesk Civil 3D

  • Trimble Business Center

  • TopCon 3D Office


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