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TerraCalc offers our clients all the benefits of 60 years combined construction, boundary, platting & topographic surveying experience and over 40 years of working with earthmoving contractors and their GPS & Robotically guided excavation equipment. 


We offer user based technical support and troubleshooting for your Trimble GPS Systems, experienced survey field crews, seasoned office professionals, quick response times, precise earthwork modeling for use in construction layout, grade checking and machine control applications. Customized earthwork excavation calculations and quantity take-offs for pipe, concrete flatwork, paving, walls, site furnishings, building footings and landscaping for use in the budgeting and building process.


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Land Surveying in the City
Construction site after land survey
Land Surveying Site
Image by Sven Mieke
Image by Scott Blake
Field Crews
Precise Earthwork
Quick Response Times
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